Relationship Metrics and Targets for Mobile Website

Since customers are increasingly interacting with businesses via mobile devices, companies invest significant time and effort in ensuring that they create sites that are optimized to offer a positive customer experience by displaying useful and relevant content and by providing functionality that is suited to mobile devices. The marketing team must continuously evaluate metrics data against previously set targets in order to ensure optimal relationship targets are being met and to implement corrective measures to address any shortfalls. Some of these metrics include the following:

Active Users—This metric determines the number of daily or monthly active users or visitors of the site.

Session Length—This is the time period between when the site is opened and closed (or when the session is ended) and helps identify the time spent by users on the mobile site.

Session Interval—This is the time interval between consecutive sessions and indicates the frequency with which users launch the site.

Bounce Rate—This metric measures the percentage of visitors who exited the mobile site after visiting just one page. A high bounce rate indicates a low level of engagement with customers, suggesting the consumer did not find value in the mobile site.

Here is an example of Relationship Metrics and Targets for Mobile Website:

The marketing manager of a pet supply company had to update her manager about the performance of the company’s new mobile site. New users had been steadily growing over the prior weeks, and engagement was increasing. However, she was shocked to discover that, in the last week, the average session time had decreased by twenty-five percent. She further analyzed the available metrics and discovered that the number of page views was down and the most visited page for dog food had dropped significantly. This led her to investigate further and talk to the tech team. She discovered that there had been technical issues with the site. There was one outage and a broken link to the most visited page in the past week. As a result, new procedures were established for the technical team to notify sales and marketing immediately in the event of any site issues.


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